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A 100-years old farmhouse converted in a eco-friendly 21 century abode
Adriana and Jean-Daniel, the Swiss power couple behind the project and realisation of Otium, wanted to project the 100-years old cottage in the 21st century through a bold restructuring and expansion: no fossil energy is used because photovoltaic panels produce the energy that the house needs; the sanitary water is heated by the sun through thermal panels and rainwater should be collected in a large cistern to irrigate the lawn. Only the best avant-garde materials and technologies have been chosen for the renovation and works carried out in a workmanlike manner by local artisans. In fact, in the Casale, thanks to a heat pump, to radiant floors, a homogeneous and pleasant temperature is guaranteed both in summer and winter. No air conditioning or radiators, are used but a cooling system - underfloor heating. A forced air system further optimises the well-being of the house: the farmhouse features an A4 energy class. The style encompasses traditional elements brought into the now with updated add-on’s for today’s lifestyles: there is a heated pool equipped with umbrellas and deck loungers, offering a breathtaking view of the valley.


A brief description of the rooms available

and included in the property rental

3+1 bedrooms
3 en-suite
not heated


  • 320 meters above sea level
  • 310 Sq.Mt. of living space plus – 200 Sq.Mt. of terraces
  • 1,5 hectares surrounding wood
  • Swimming pool (not heated)
  • Eco radiant floor cooling powered by a solar energy panel system
  • Wi-Fi throughout

A 100-meter white road crosses a small forest and leads to casale: past the automatic gate, a gravel path leads past the farmhouse. The villa offers two different bodies that make up a unique environment of relaxation and comfort. The old farmhouse, with its small windows, the walls with exposed stone, its old oak staircase offers the atmosphere of the past with the maximum comfort of today. The new part, instead, with its large windows, amazes the guest with the light, the unspoiled view of the Umbrian countryside, infusing great tranquility.

Everything is green, the exterior area is scented like flowers blooming in spring and the entire experience it is quintessentially Italian. The pleasure of silence, the proximity to a number of small villages with restaurants, bread shops, organic markets, artisans’ shops, hidden churches and monuments, not to mention proximity to all the main cities of Umbria make this the ideal place for a relaxing stay, to recharge your batteries, or to let out an unsuspected creativity hidden in the depths of your soul.


Complete list of indoor and outdoor
amenities of this property.

  • 6+2 guests in 4 bedrooms
  • Swimming pool with views
  • Air conditioning throughout
  • Wi-Fi inside and outside
  • 7,8 Km from Todi
  • Radiant floor cooling system