The Private Villas Collections

The mansion can accommodate a total of 16 guests in high-season and 12 in mid and low season in 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and 2 half-bathrooms.
Set amid a lush olive grove, this villa features a heated and salted water pool, a landscaped terrace. The home design, approached with research in the historical context, results in a chic, modern style with quality washed wooden boards and resin, antiqued wood, and washed terracotta floors. Wood-beamed ceilings in tones of pastel lend an airy feel to the interiors. Elements of classic Italian residential architecture, such as the several terraces with view over the seaside and the alfresco area in the garden are combined with contemporary touches, like ornamental fireplaces of design and a collection of interesting items, ranging from the art deco style of the 20's through the vintage designs of the 40’s 50’s and 70’s, give life to an elegant atmosphere in which peace and privacy reign. Aesthetically, the house recalls traditional typologies, as well as materials, such as marble, oak, travertine stone, all locally sourced. Modern yet very comfortable, this is a chic retreat with an elegant aura and a sophisticated vibe, blending traditional and modern Italian architecture. There are 20 metres to reach the house from the parking spot. There are 5 stairs to get to the main door, which features 3 levels without elevator. The swimming pool is accessed in 30 meters from main doors. Although Italy’s architecture is naturally challenging in case of mobility limitations, this villa is quite fit for the elderly as it features two rooms on ground floor.


A brief description of the rooms available

and included in the property rental

12 bedrooms
14,5 bathrooms


We had the most wonderful time with you. The whole place is so beautifully presented, every little detail is perfect. Your taste and style are exquisite. Your team of staff are excellent, you must be proud of all you have achieved; you made our visit into an exceptional stay.
Jul 2020, London (Jeremy & L.)

  • The house features air conditioning, underfloor heating, and solar panels
  • The outdoor area features a panoramic terrace, an alfresco dining area, an outside jacuzzi, four bicycles at guest disposal and an electric car charger (16 Amp 3,7 kw output)

During the renovation the architect and team states ‘we let ourselves be guided by the green soul of the building, aware that every step, however small, can be decisive’. Energy saving, as well as a duty for the planet, is a lifestyle for us, an aim to be pursued every day. The same ecological spirit has led the team to eliminate plastic bottles, choosing a filtration process to guarantee water without residues and at the right salinity.


Complete list of indoor and outdoor
amenities of this property.

  • Rainwater recovery for irrigation purposes
  • Waste water purification system for irrigation purposes
  • Solar panels for sanitary water and swimming pool heating
  • Air conditioning with class A ++ machines
  • Underfloor heating system with water
  • Eco wooden fixtures and selective insulating glazing
  • Ventilated wooden roof and roofing with wooden structure
  • Thick external natural thermal plasters
  • Mixed interior plasters based on lime and natural lime paint
  • Electric car charging station