The Private Villas Collections

The estate can accommodate a total of 22 guests in 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and one half-bathrooms.
This property sits in a stunning position just above Portofino's famous coastline. Lovely outdoor areas wrap around the estate with breath-taking Mediterranean vegetation. The private residence features a landscaped English garden with a unique view of the surrounding sea visited every year as part of most garden associations. The property is considered an Italian national monument, built in 1361, used to be a Monastery dedicated to San Girolamo. he famous town of Portofino nearby offers excellent fish restaurants and harbour, provides a perfect backdrop to this property, a grand villa with sumptuous interiors, perfectly shaped alfresco areas and spectacular views. The bedrooms are decorated in elegant style with white walls, contemporary fabrics in regimental style. The interiors include a large living room, several dining areas, an alfresco sea view dining terrace, a well-equipped kitchen, and a professional one for the staff. There are several outside areas, like the grand English garden, the wisteria alfresco path, the orchard, and other green spaces. The property's interior measures 850 square meters.


A brief description of the rooms available

and included in the property rental

11 bedrooms
11,5 bathrooms


Access to estateFrom the parking spot to reach the different areas of the estate:

  • 150 meters to ‘Seaview Terrace’
  • 80 meters to ‘Noble Floor rooms’
  • 15 meters to ‘Ancient Tower rooms’

Access to the buildingThere are 4 steps to enter the property, the house features 2 levels at the Terrace and Noble Floor and 3 levels at the Ancient Tower. The swimming pool is accessed through stairs (between 60 and 100 meters).

A grand palace with historical garden, which is a monument, placed in the front of the Mediterranean sea, a fairy tale palace with its private abbey, in the surroundings of glamorous Portofino.

The home design approached with research in the historical context results in an elegant, regal style: vaulted wood-beamed ceilings lend an airy feel to the rooms together with the wooden board floors. Elements of classic Italian architecture designed to enrich the abbey are combined with modern touches, like the bathroom in original tiles from 1950. Aesthetically, the house recalls traditional typologies and traditional materials, including slate, marble, oak, and stone locally sourced, together with marble in bathrooms. This is an opulent retreat with an elegant aura, blending traditional and modern Italian architecture. A National Monument: this property is classified as Bene Culturale Italiano, which can be translated as national monument of any sort, hence is under the protection and constant maintenance and restoration by the Italian government. Scaffoldings and, if necessary, a crane, are present in the estate with the aim of renovating the 2nd and 3rd floor of the historical building. The presence of the above-mentioned will not cause any trouble during the guest’s stay.


Complete list of indoor and outdoor
amenities of this property.

  • 50’ TV Screen
  • Outside above ground pool
  • Outdoor hot tubs (two)
  • Close to the charming Portofino
  • National monument, breath-taking gardens, sea view
  • Abbey inside the property
  • Private parking